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Speech and Language Therapy for Children

Initial assessment
This session will normally take place in the child's home. It will involve:

  • Detailed discussion with parents/carers of the child about their concerns
  • Case history taken from parents/carers
  • Informal assessment/observation
  • Formal assessment if appropriate
  • Recommendations for input

Other activities outside the session include:

  • Preparation
  • Follow up report
  • Referrals (some referrals may require you to liaise with your GP)

If you choose to take up therapy, it is likely to be in blocks of 8 sessions.

This is then followed by a break or consolidation period.

All costs are agreed before commencing assessment or therapy.

(See Terms for details of payment.)

Nursery and school visits
These may be useful in order to:

  • observe the child in this larger setting
  • observe interaction with peers and adults
  • share information with key workers
  • train TAs and integrate therapy programmes into the school/nursery

Additional assessment sessions and reports

If necessary, we would agree together before further assessment is carried out.

If a more detailed report is required then this will be at extra cost. Please note I will not write reports to be used in Tribunals.