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Speech and Language Therapy for Children

Assessment and Therapy sessions:
Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during term time. These usually take place in the child’s home or can take place at school, once established. The child's parent/carer is expected to be present at each therapy session run at the home in order to be able to complete the follow up activities.

Telephone Discussion:
An initial phone call is required to discuss the child’s area of need and arrange an initial visit. This is usually between 15 and 30 minutes and is free of charge.

Initial assessment:
This will include taking a full-case history, collating information from other professional reports (if applicable), formal and/or informal assessment and followed up with a written report.
- 60 minutes £140

Additional assessment:

If further assessment is required this will be offered in blocks of 40 minutes, as required
- 40 minutes £60

Therapy sessions:
Sessions can take place at home or within school (via discussion with the headteacher/ SENCo). It is encouraged that a parent, or member of school staff, attends therapy sessions to promote continuation of strategies observed within the sessions. Individual sessions consist of direct work with the child, discussion and feedback with parents or staff. Therapy targets will be shared for consistency.
Sessions can be:
- 30 minutes £40
- 60 minutes £70

Attendance at meetings:

This may be an Annual Review or Communication review meeting. Two weeks’ notice is required.
- 60 minutes £70
(additional time will be charged in 15 min increments)

Additional reports:

If additional reports are required after the initial assessment report then these can be requested
- £50

Nursery or School Visits:
At times it will be useful to observe your child at their school or nursery setting. This visit includes observation of the child, informal assessment and discussion with staff. Staff may be given resources and feedback on how to interact and work with your child and support them to fully understand your child’s needs. Staff will be supported to work on any therapy targets.
- As required £70 per hour

Writing Programmes / Objectives:
Providing additional materials and resources for school or nursery to carry out (on top of regular therapy session)
- Per additional set of materials £30-60

Fee changes are reviewed each year on 1st April, existing clients will be given 8 weeks’ notice of any changes which are to be implemented. These increases will not apply to therapy blocks which have started or sessions which have been booked.

An invoice will be sent following an initial assessment. It is requested that this is settled within 2 weeks. Once therapy sessions have been agreed and scheduled, invoices will be sent at the end of each month for the therapy which has been delivered with any travel expenses and agreed additional costs.

There is no travel charge for therapy sessions within 5 miles of Farnham centre (GU9).
Distances in excess of this will be charged at 50p per mile plus travel time.

If you need to cancel a session/assessment full fees will be payable if less than 48 hours notice is given. This will need to be paid before any further sessions take place. Late cancellations due to illness are included but will be reduced to 50% for one late cancellation within a block of therapy. If I need to cancel an appointment I will offer you an alternative appointment as soon as possible.

Use of video:
Some assessment and therapy techniques involve the use of video to record your child playing or completing assessments. Once the video has been used as needed in therapy it will be deleted. No copies will be retained.

Electronic communication:
With your consent, email will be used for correspondence and it may be used to send letters, reports and other documents. Documents will be password protected and saved in Printed Document Format (PDF). I will refer to your child in emails by their initials only.

Data Protection:
I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a Data Controller. All client details case notes and correspondence will be stored securely and treated confidentially according to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 1988. Personal Information stored on my computer, including reports and programmes, is password protected. In accordance with law, all records will be kept securely until your child is 25 years old. After this time all records relating to your child will be destroyed. You may apply in writing to access a copy of your child’s notes. These requests will be dealt with within 30 days. See Privacy policy for more information.

I am DBS checked: you may request to see my disclosure documentation. In the event of a safeguarding concern, I have a legal obligation to share that information in line with the Safeguarding Children's Act 2004.

Speech and language therapy input:
We are always working towards a point when your child no longer requires therapy. At times speech and language therapy input may no longer prove to be effective for the child. I will advise you if this is the case and discuss options with you.