About me

I graduated from Newcastle University with an MSc in Speech and Language Pathology in 2006 after completing an Undergraduate degree in Human Communication Studies from Manchester University.

I have worked in schools in Surrey for the last twelve years providing speech and language therapy for children aged 4-18. I am now working independently offering services and support to individual families and within schools.

My experience includes working with children with:

 - attention and listening difficulties (processing language and recalling information)

  - language delay/disorder (difficulty linking words, forming sentences, ordering words, using vocabulary and grammar, following instructions, understanding stories or using narrative),

  - speech sound delay/disorder (phonological awareness, auditory discrimination, articulation)

 - selective mutism (social anxiety and following the 'Sliding in' method)

 - ASD (social communication, interaction and higher level language)

 - deafness/hearing loss (including cochlear implant users)

I have experience of speech and language therapy both as a professional and as a mother of three children - two with additional speech and language needs.

I have experience of working closely with parents, teachers, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

I am a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

I am committed to continuing professional development and my training includes:

- PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems)

- Attention Autism

- Social Stories

- Intensive Interaction

I live in Farnham, Surrey, and work in the Surrey / Hampshire area offering appointments within the family home or schools.